Client Testimonial Video Production

We put your most successful, happy, or interesting customers on screen to give your audience a brand experience.

What are client testimonial videos?

In a client testimonial video, one or more customers talk in the style of a testimonial about how your company has helped them in their life or business.

Why are customer testimonial videos valuable?

Testimonial videos are priceless as they show real customers talking about a problem they were having and how your company helped them. Viewers are able to see videos of customers using the product or service in their own environment resulting in higher conversion rates. 

How do you create a concept for customer testimonial videos?

White Fox Marketing Lab wants you to find loyal, happy customers who would also look good on camera. That might sound like a tall order, but we’ll help you figure out who to look for in your customer pool. Once we’ve found the right people to interview, we’ll do a pre-interview to learn more about them and what they’ve done.

If you are worried about embarrassing your best customers, don’t be. We are under pressure, not your clients. It’s our job to learn about their story, make them feel at ease, and steer the conversation in the right direction so we can get answers that mean something.

How much do customer testimonial videos cost?

Depending on the style, it usually costs between $1,000 and $2,000 to make a video of a client’s testimonial. That usually involves a one-day shoot at the subject’s home or office, your office, or a rented studio, as well as interviews with your customer(s) and editing all of the footage into a story that makes your business look like the hero and tells a real story. Travel costs will be expensed separately.